In Episode 9 of The Courage To Change: A Recovery Podcast, host Ashley Loeb Blassingame talks with Kacie who has survived child molestation, bullying, rape and rape attempts, and the Route 91 mass shooting in Las Vegas. As Ashley says “despite these hardships, Kacie holds an incredibly positive outlook on life and seems to have an impact on everybody that she meets.” 

Below find an edited version of her story for a quick read. You can listen to her whole interview here.

Kacie grew up in a very small town in the Inland Empire in Southern California.

Learning was a passion for Kacie. “I loved learning and I loved doing well and I just wanted to excel from a very young age. I lived for that.” In high school, though, she was mercilessly bullied. She would “hang out in the teachers’ lounge and with her teachers” to avoid other kids bullying her. Kacie graduated from high school early since she had taken extra classes from an early age. 

In her early 20s, Kacie was almost raped. She escaped her assaulter after biting him on his tongue. However, once she reported the incident, the justice system didn’t really work for her. Even though the assaulter “admitted taking things too far and hurting [her], it wasn’t enough.” The DA called her into the office and said, “Kacie, I believe you, we all believe you, but there’s just not enough proof  to convict him.” This experience colored her opinion of the justice system so much that when she was raped several years later, she did not report it to the police.

Taking Her Power Back and Sharing Her Story

Kacie did decide to be open about the rape incident to get her “power back.” She explains:

“I think talking about these traumas and trying to help other people is positive. Because I know there are so many women that have been through the same thing and keep it inside and don’t tell anyone. Even if they don’t report it, which I totally understand given what happened to me when I did report it, just knowing that they’re not alone and that there’s someone else that’s been through it, I think is comforting.”

Route 91 Las Vegas Shooting

Kacie experienced an entirely different kind of trauma in 2017 – she was a concert-goer during the mass shooting in the Route 91 Las Vegas shooting with her sister. 

In the podcast you can listen to Kacie’s retelling of this harrowing experience where she “was in the worst part of the venue” where “most of the fatalities and wounds” happened. While she was hiding under the stage, Kacie was able to reach her mother on her cell phone. When Kacie told her mom what was happening, Kacie’s mother started singing Kacie’s favorite song, You Are My Sunshine, which “calmed [her] down in that moment.” 

Kacie’s life has been punctuated by multiple traumatic events, yet, as Ashley said on the podcast, she’s “an incredibly positive, bright woman who has a clear desire to be optimistic and upbeat and keep that shine.” 

Helping Others By Sharing Her Story

Kacie ends her interview with “I think I’m meant to help a lot of people just by being and talking about what I’ve been through.” And adds,

“I’m ready to cash in on my good karma card.”

Quotes have been edited for clarity.