As Lionrock celebrates its 10 year anniversary as the leading telehealth provider of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery services in the United States, we are excited to announce National Online Recovery Day: September 22, 2020.

We created National Online Recovery Day to raise awareness for online treatment of substance abuse. It is the first national health awareness day focused on the benefits and advantages of telehealth services for any health issue. National Online Recovery Day will be observed in conjunction with  National Recovery Month.

Online recovery has been, and continues to be, the most private and successful way to get help with substance abuse. In fact, a recent study reported 80 percent of Lionrock’s clients remained abstinent at 18 months after discharge from treatment; that’s twice the national average.

Here are some facts to know about online recovery:

·  Online recovery is affordable. Even for people without health insurance, private pay packages are available that fit most budgets.

·  Online recovery is private. People can seek and receive HIPAA-compliant treatment from the privacy of their home. 

·  Online recovery is flexible. There is no need to build in commute time and it allows for appointments at any time of day. 

·  Online recovery is preferred by many. Fifty-two percent of people in treatment who attended in-person meetings pre-COVID, say they will only attend online meetings when restrictions are lifted.

Ten years ago, when we were starting Lionrock, everyone in our field told us that getting help online wouldn’t work. They were wrong. And now that the coronavirus pandemic has made doing so many things online the norm, it’s time to celebrate online care. What we at Lionrock do is now accepted by the healthcare industry. National Online Recovery Day is a celebration for all of us, and for everyone who seeks help in the most private and convenient way possible.

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