As a leading provider of substance use disorder treatment and counseling, we are often asked the million dollar question: how do I know if I have a substance abuse problem? This question is rooted in the fact that not all people who struggle with drugs and alcohol are raging addicts whose lives have hit rock bottom. In truth, the vast majority of Lionrock clients lead productive lives; they are employed, functioning members of society who have developed an unhealthy dependence on substances. The catch is that their dependence has started to impact some aspect of their lives–maybe their personal relationships are suffering, maybe their health is deteriorating, maybe their performance at work is declining. So, how do we answer this question: how do I know if I have a substance abuse problem? By asking a simple question back: are drugs or alcohol causing you problems? 

Examining the answer to this question is a good place to start, but if it’s still giving you pause, another great resource is the 11-question quiz available on our website. It takes just a few minutes to complete and provides you with some insight on where you may stand on the dependence spectrum. 

A couple of key themes from the quiz include:

Your ability to stop.

If you’ve planned or tried to stop your drinking or drug use and haven’t been able to, or could only do so for a short period of time, you may have reason for concern.

The repercussions of your drinking or drug use.

As noted above, there are several questions on the quiz that probe about whether or not your substance use is causing you any sort of problems–from personal to professional to legal. 

Your drinking habits.

Part of the quiz is designed to uncover how you consume substances and even the rationale behind why you consume them a certain way. The motivation behind why people use substances is often the root of the issue and what needs to be treated in order to achieve sobriety.

As the global pandemic continues to rage – a stressful and anxiety ridden time that is driving many people to drink or use more – we’re seeing a growing trend in re-evaluating substance use. People are booking sober vacations, participating in “Sober Summer,” and overall becoming more mindful of their mental health needs. If you think your drinking or drug use has become a problem, explore our treatment options from our Finding Balance moderation program to our online intensive outpatient program. You can also call 800-258-6550 to speak with an admissions counselor in more detail about your needs.